Manic Street Preachers announce remix EP

Horrors, Errors, British Sea Power remixes for release

Manic Street Preachers have announced that they will release a digital remix EP on Monday (June 15).

The EP will feature remixes of songs from their recent album ‘Journal For Plague Lovers’ by The Horrors, British Sea Power, Adem, Errors and Andrew Weatherall.

The tracklisting of the remix EP will be:

‘Peeled Apples’ – Andrew Weatherall remix
‘Me And Stephen Hawking’ – British Sea Power remix
‘Facing Page Top Left’ – Adem remix
‘All Is Vanity’ – Errors Remix
‘Doors Closing Slowly’ – The Horrors remix

Later in the year a full album’s-worth of remixes from artists including Patrick Wolf, New Young Pony Club, Underworld and Saint Etienne will be released.

The full remix release tracklisting will be:

‘Peeled Apples’ (Andrew Weatherall)
‘Jackie Collins Existential Question Time’ (Saint Etienne)
‘Me And Stephen Hawking’ (British Sea Power)
‘This Joke Sport Severed’ (Patrick Wolf)
‘Journal For Plague Lovers’ (Optimo (Espacio))
‘She Bathed Herself In A Bath Of Bleach’ (The Pariahs)
‘Facing Page Top Left’ (Adem)
‘Marlon JD’ (New Young Pony Club)
‘Doors Closing Slowly’ (The Horrors)
‘All Is Vanity’ (Errors)
‘Pretension/Repulsion’ (Four Tet)
‘Virginia State Epileptic Colony’ (Fuck Buttons)
‘William’s Last Words’ (Underworld)
‘Bag Lady’ (Jonathan Krisp)