British Sea Power remixing Manic Street Preachers

Martin Noble is working on a version of 'Me And Stephen Hawking'

British Sea Power‘s Martin Noble has revealed that he is working on a remix of a song set for Manic Street Preachers‘ forthcoming new album, ‘Journal For Plague Lovers’.

The album is set for release on May 18, and features lyrics by the band’s long-lost guitarist Richey Edwards. It has not been determined on what format Noble‘s remix will be released.

“I’ve just finished remixing a song called ‘Me And Stephen Hawking’ which is quite serious and silly at the same time,” he told NME.COM. “I’m not sure if it’s going to be on the deluxe edition or a B-side or whatever.”

He added: “Remixing this Manics song has been quiet interesting, because it’s a whole album using Richey‘s lyrics. It’s got an odd mix of quite of weird, stupid imagery but it’s also very poignant. I’ve been very impressed with that.”