Nicky Wire says Glastonbury ‘shithole’ comment was a joke

The star recalls his controversial past at the festival

Manic Street Preachers star Nicky Wire says his now legendary Glastonbury remark about “building a bypass over this shithole” was meant as a joke.

The remark, made on the Other Stage in 1994, caused a storm, though the bassist admitted he was only trying to wind up the punters.

He said: “It was supposed to be a joke. As I was saying it I thought ‘This is going to be really funny’. Then this deathly silence descended on the place.

“But back then it felt like we were aliens whizzed in from Wales with absolutely nothing in common with anyone else there. That’s the stupid justification for what I said. We were absolutely 100% alone and slightly teetering on the edge as a band. It was one of our greatest performances, even though it was deeply disturbing because of what was happening with the band. It was painful but glorious”.

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