Manic Street Preachers: fans respond to NME interview

Nicky Wire's comments get fans debating

Fans have replied to NME.COM’s exclusive interview with Manic Street Preachers Nicky Wire.

Wire spoke out about The Killers and Snow Patrol.

In the interview he calls The Killers 2006 album ’Sam’s Town’ “truly terrible”.

He also says Snow Patrol are “utterly deplorable”.

Fans have responded to the comments. His love alone if not enough said it was: “Good to see gobby Nicky is back!”

Kenco says: “Thanks fuck for the Wire. The only fucking honest thing left in rock.”

Meanwhile Laura says: “(He) pretty much sums up Snow Patrol there..and The Killers. Top bloke.”

However, Holly said: “(The) Snow Patrol and The Killers albums are brilliant, as they are live too…Spare us the bollox…and shut the fuck (up) with with your tiresome rants.”

Laura says: “What have The Killers or Snow Patrol done to him?…This guy should wise up and take a look in the mirror before he calls other bands shit.”

Rob adds: “I think the cross-dressing clown has listened to ’Sam’s Town’ by The Killers and realised they’ve been beaten at their own game.”

The complete interview can be read here.