Nicky Wire: ‘Snow Patrol are Britain’s most hated band’

Manic Street Preacher has harsh words for V Festival co-headliners

Manic Street PreachersNicky Wire has told NME.COM he’ll be avoiding this year’s V Festival co-headliners Snow Patrol.

The Welsh trio are set to play the Channel 4 Stage over the weekend (August 18,19) but the bassist will not be making time to catch the Scottish-based band’s performance ahead of Foo Fighters on the main stage.

Snow Patrol is the biggest divide in Britain. They’re probably the biggest band in Britain, but they’re also the most hated,” he declared. “It’s a weird dichotomy for them. They are utterly deplorable, there is something unredeemingly utterly shit about them, you just cannot put one’s finger on.


“It’s a desperate form of music, the endless repeated lines, over and over, the same drab fucking little thing on and on and on. They’re the great losers turned into the great winners, that’s their redemption. I won’t be watching them.”

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