Manic Street Preachers: Wales winning the rugby a ‘million times better than headlining Glastonbury’

The Welsh band take to Facebook to celebrate their nation's victory in the Rugby World Cup

Following Wales’s win against England in the Rugby World Cup last night, Manic Street Preachers took to Facebook to boast their glee over the victory.

The first post came at the end of the match: “Brave beyond belief-pure skill-pure heart-MONUMENTAL-xxxxxxxxxxxxx”.

And was quickly followed by three more, in which the group claimed the feeling to be “better than winning 4 Brit awards” and a “million times better than headlining Glastonbury”. The complete messages were:


10.01pm: “Brave beyond belief-pure skill-pure heart-MONUMENTAL-xxxxxxxxxxxxx”

10.02pm: “Better than winning 4 Brit awards easy-out of this world Wales!!!!!!!!”

10.16pm: “Fitter by miles-touch of genius-pride-perfection-poetic-brutal-rugby at its finest-WALES-WALES-WALES-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”

10.30pm: “Million times better than headlining Glastonbury-million times-beyond bliss- xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”

NMEAlex Lake/Press

Earlier this year the Welsh band revealed that they were considering touring to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their 1996 album, ‘Everything Must Go’.

Speaking at the Ivor Novello Awards in London in May, where they were presented with the Inspiration Award by Kasabian, the band’s bassist Nicky Wire told reporters that they might “do a couple of gigs” to mark the milestone.


“Maybe we’ll never do another one,” Wire told Gigwise of plans for a new album. “‘Futurology’ was such a brilliant summation of who we are, who knows? ‘Everything Must Go’ is 20 years old next year as well, so we might even just do a couple of gigs doing that. I think we need to replenish our inspiration, you know?”