Tony Visconti says the session for the band's new album have been "very productive and enthusiastic"...

Manic Street Preachers have recorded five songs for their new album with TONY VISCONTI.

As previously reported, the band have been working with the long-time David Bowie producer in New York.

Now – posting on his website [url=] – he has revealed details of the initial series of sessions: “In three weeks we’ve recorded five songs, although we only intended to record four. The sessions were very productive and enthusiastic. I think fans of the band will be pleasantly surprised with the outcome.”

He added: “It was a pleasant surprise for me to learn how accomplished the band was as musicians. James (Dean Bradfield) is a first class guitarist, Nicky (Wire) has the chops of a Motown session bass player (and that’s a big compliment from me) and Sean (Moore) is as solid and inventive as drummers come, plus he has many hidden talents that I learned of — he plays trumpet, sings back ups (on this batch he sings on almost every song) and he is a computer expert. Oh, and James’ magnificent tenor voice is the loudest voice I have ever recorded.”

Sessions for the album, the band’s seventh, are expected to resume in February.