The band play St David's Hall in Cardiff - where saw many acts who inspired them...

Manic Street Preachers

are to play a tiny venue where they saw many of the heroes who inspired them.

The band, who made their live comeback on the NME Stage at last weekend’s (Aug17/18) V2002 festival, will play St David’s Hall in Cardiff in front of just 800 fans as part of the Carling Homecoming series of gigs.

The trio play the venue – where as a schoolboy drummer Sean Moore was in a brass band – on November 18.

Tickets are not for sale but fans can win them at

As teenagers guitarist/singer James Dean Bradfield and bass player Nicky Wire would busk outside the venue. It was as they played that a passer-by called Bradfield a “manic street preacher”.

The show will be broadcast by Channel 4 at a later date. Other gigs in the series have included performances by Jamiroquai and The Charlatans.