And the band play a large selection of those hits at a low-key gig in London...

MANIC STREET PREACHERS have confirmed their next release will be a Greatest Hits album.

Speaking in the current issue of Q magazine, bassist Nicky Wire said that following the group’s current European tour, the long-awaited Greatest Hits package will follow.

Wire said: “We want to remind people of our past.” The album is rumoured to have a title of ‘Forever Delayed’.

Speaking in an interview broadcast on NME Radio, vocalist James Dean Bradfield said that the record will be a single album, which won’t feature the group’s “embarrassing” material.

He commented: “It’s really hard because if we canvass our fans, some of the fans that will reply will the real hardcore fans that are into ‘The Holy Bible’ and they would just like us to put lots of ‘Holy Bible’ tracks on the Greatest Hits and that won’t connect with a lot of other people.

“It’s really hard to take a cross reference of people and have a representation of what people want to hear. We’ll definitely listen to ourselves more than doing some sort of Internet vote on it because we’ve always followed our own path.

“We’ll construct the Greatest Hits to be what people are gonna enjoy. The only problem is that there’s 26 Top 40 hits at the moment and you can only get 78 minutes on a CD! We’re gonna have to leave off some of the more embarrassing ones…it shouldn’t be too hard to pare it down.”

A spokesperson for the band told NME.COM today (September 13) that the record was not scheduled for release this year.

The Manics dipped deep into their back catalogue for a low-key club show at the London King’s Cross Scala last night (September 12). The show, which in part helped raise funds for Amnesty International, saw singer Bradfield in all black, with Wire in a smart cream suit and trainers.

The Manics played: ‘You Love Us’

‘From Despair To Where’

‘You Stole The Sun From My Heart’

‘Found That Soul’

‘Little Baby Nothing’

‘Kevin Carter’

‘Motorcycle Emptiness’

‘Motown Junk’

‘Let Robeson Sing’

‘Archives Of Pain’

‘Elona: Alone’

‘Ocean Spray’


‘If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next’

‘A Design For Life’

‘The Masses Against The Classes’

The group embark on a European tour throughout October.