A number of office workers in Cardiff have objected to the band's rehearsals...

MANIC STREET PREACHERS have been ordered to keep the noise down by their local council, after complaints from office workers about the volume of their rehearsals.

The Welsh rockers had been going through their set at a practice space in Cardiff prior to their appearance at various European festivals this summer – much to the annoyance of locals.

Noise pollution officers went to The Point, a converted church in Cardiff Bay, to tell the band of the complaints on Thursday (June 21).

A council spokesman said: “An environmental health noise pollution team was called out because of complaints from the neighbouring offices about noise.

“By the time our officers arrived, the rehearsal was coming to an end. The Manics were advised to keep the noise down during future sessions.”

Band spokesman Iestyn George said: “The Manics are not notoriously loud as a band and they have never had any trouble working there before.

“The Point is used by most of the bands that come through Cardiff, but it is a listed building with stained glass windows and it is difficult to soundproof.”

The band used the same venue to rehearse for their historic gig in Cuba gig earlier this year – without any bad feeling from locals.

The spokesperson added: “The office workers would slip messages under the door saying how good they thought the new material sounded.”