But police keep their options open after the gruesome discovery in the River Severn...

The sister of missing Manic Street Preachers guitarist RICHEY EDWARDS has told police that she does not believe the remains of human feet found on the banks of the RIVER SEVERN belong to her missing brother – despite the fact they were his size.

Police contacted the Edwards family after a fisherman discovered a trainer with a sock inside and the remains of human foot bones on the banks of the River Severn, near the village of Sudbrook.

A search by police the next day found the other size eight Diadora trainer, also with a sock and human remains inside. The feet have been sent away for analysis.

Detective Sergeant Dave Edwards of Gwent Police, who is leading the inquiry, said he had been in contact with Rachel Edwards, Richey’s sister, and she did not believe the trainers could have been his. She did, however, confirm that Richey wore a size eight shoe.

He said: “I have had a conversation with Mr Edwards’ sister, but she believed they were not the style her brother would have worn. However, we’re still keeping our options open. It’s hard to say how long the shoes might have been in the water, but we do believe it could be a considerable length of time.

“We are still looking back through ours and other forces’ missing person’s files and that still includes Mr Edwards.”

Police were continuing a thorough search of the area today and one officer said: “It is a very marshy area, there could be anything under there.”

Richey went missing on February 1, 1995. His silver Vauxhall Cavalier was found at Aust Services, close to the River Severn, 16 days later.