The 1992 classic pips 'Faster/PCP' and 'A Design For Life' in our NME Originals poll...

‘MOTORCYCLE EMPTINESS’ has been voted the Manic Street Preachers

single by readers of [url=]NME ORIGINALS,

The Internet only vote revealed that 25.7% of voters chose the 1992 single, with 1994’s ‘Faster/PCP’ some way behind in second place on 15.1%. 1996 Number Two hit ‘A Design For Life’ was third, getting 11.9% of the vote.

Among the surprises was a very strong showing for 1991 single ‘Stay Beautiful’, which does not appear on the band’s recently released greatest hits compilation ‘Forever Delayed’. Least favourite were the band’s early singles ‘Suicide Alley’ and ‘New Art Riot’.

The full list is:

‘Motorcycle Emptiness’: 25.7%

‘Faster/PCP’: 15.1%

‘A Design For Life’: 11.9%

‘Motown Junk’: 6.7%

‘If You Tolerate This Then Your Children Will Be Next’: 5.3%

‘You Love Us’: 3.3%

‘Stay Beautiful’: 2.6%

‘La Tristesse Durera’: 2.5%

‘Theme From M*A*S*H’: 2.1%

‘Little Baby Nothing’: 2.1%

‘The Masses Against The Classes’: 1.8%

‘The Everlasting: 1.7%

‘Everything Must Go’: 1.6%

‘You Stole The Sun From My Heart’: 1.5%

‘From Despair To Where’: 1.3%

‘Revol’: 1.3%

‘Australia’: 1.3%

‘Roses In The Hospital’: 1.3%

‘Kevin Carter’: 1.3%

‘She Is Suffering’: 1.2%

‘There By The Grace Of God’: 1.1%

‘Tsunami’: 0.9%

‘Found That Soul’: 0.8%

‘Ocean Spray’: 0.8%

‘Slash ‘N’ Burn’: 0.8%

‘Let Robeson Sing’: 0.8%

‘Life Becoming A Landslide’: 0.7%

‘So Why So Sad’: 0.7%

‘Love’s Sweet Exile’: 0.6%

‘New Art Riot’: 0.5%

‘Suicide Alley’: 0.4%

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