'Let Robeson Sing' is a rallying call to end racism and a statement against the current stance of Tony Blair...

MANIC STREET PREACHERS have told NME.COM that the release of their new single, ‘LET ROBESON SING’ is a plea for racial harmony in the midst of the race riots sweeping Britain.

‘Let Robeson Sing’ is released on September 3. The Manics explained the single was a statement against the current stance of Tony Blair towards the current troubles and a rallying call to end racism.

A statement released by the Manics to NME.COM said: “We are not all judged by the standards of Tory Blair. Allegedly we are not all Britons. As parts of the disunited kingdom erupt in racial disharmony we need a positive voice like Paul Robeson to re-unite and inspire us. We’ll probably look for it on the Internet unless a politician or publication with 21st century vision arrives.”

The CD single will also feature a cover version of a song that Paul Robeson sang, ‘Didn’t My Lord Deliver Daniel’.

Meanwhile, the Manics will also release a DVD, ‘Louder Than War’, on September 17. Recorded in Surround Sound with interactive features, the DVD features the band’s live set from Cuba’s Karl Marx Theatre, Havana earlier this year and includes bonus audio tracks, an exclusive interview with the band, a mini documentary, photo gallery and discography.

A special edition of NME dedicated to the summer race riots sweeping across the UK, is out now in London, and nationwide tomorrow (July 25).