Temple Newsam Park has taken a long time to clean and has suffered damage...

The LEEDS leg of the CARLING WEEKEND FESTIVAL may be moved to a new venue in the city, following complaints about last year’s event.

According to a report in last night’s Yorkshire Evening Post (October 18), council officers are to begin a search for an alternative site for the 2002 event following a special meeting to discuss the future of the festival at its home for the last three years, Temple Newsam Park.

The meeting heard concerns about the time taken to clean the park following the festival, and damage to the park itself.


A council spokesperson told NME.COM: “A resolution calling for the termination of the contract under which Mean Fiddler stages the annual three-day festival at Temple Newsam was defeated.

“Another resolution was passed, which criticised the criminal activites which took place, and expressed concerns at delays with the clean-up afterwards, but welcomed the planned talks between Mean Fiddler and local residents to discuss alternative locations within the site for the entertainment area.

“Leeds City Council remains of the view that the Carling Festival is an important event that should be retained in Leeds, though there are several aspects about the event the way is run which need to be satisfactorily improved.”

However, Melvin Benn, Festival Director of the Mean Fiddler told NME.COM he didn’t anticipate any major changes in the festival site before 2004.

He commented: “The desire for a new site is in fact for 2004 and not 2002. The contract for 2002 and 2003 is in place and secure and the festival will remain at Temple Newsam for those two years and, hopefully, for many years after but will definitely remain in the Leeds area.”

As previously reported on NME.COM, the Sunday evening (August 26) at the Leeds leg of the festival was also marred by violence, with police in protective equipment being called in to control people throwing “stones and missiles”.


Trouble started after a core of 30 people in a festival campsite set fire to three toilet blocks shortly after the end of the headline band at 11.30pm.