Tour gets underway again tonight after the Curse of the Manics in America strikes again...

THE MANIC STREET PREACHERS‘ US/North American dates get underway again tonight in Vancouver, Canada following the cancellation last week of some of the first dates on their tour.

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The so-called Curse Of The Manics which has haunted all previous attempts to play there – in 1995 Richey Edwards disappeared on the eve of their US dates, in 1996 their support slot with Oasis was unceremoniously snatched from under them as Oasis underwent their own ‘internal troubles’ then earlier this year the dates were rescheduled because James’ mother was dying and he was unable to leave the country – seemed to have struck again.


These American dates will be the last Manics shows for some time. “We won’t be playing again until the millennium gig and after that we’re not going to be doing a gig for at least a year,” James Dean Bradfield told NME last week. “Well over a year, I think. We just feel that we’ve got another stage of the Preachers to go for. We haven’t got much material yet, but the stuff we have got is fucking brilliant.”

The Manics have called a press conference for October 4 to unveil details of the Millennium shows.

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