Nicky Wire speaks out against Blairite "fuckwits" in NME film...

Manic Street PreachersNicky Wire and Pulp‘s Jarvis Cocker renew rock’s attack on the Labour Government in the forthcoming Channel 4 documentary, the NME Premier Review.

Interviewed in Cardiff before one of the Manics‘ recent gigs, Nicky Wire hits out at the Blair brigade, saying: “I’m more intelligent than they are. I did politics at university which is more than half of those fuckwits – they were just bought into their schools; it’s just handshakes that got them degrees.”

Jarvis Cocker, meanwhile, puts forward an alternative policy to the criminalisation of drug users enforced by the government: “I think it was Sting who said, ‘Yeah, I’ve taken E’,” says Jarvis. “Well, I think getting people like Sting to admit it would put people off. They’d go, ‘I wouldn’t wanna be like him!’ I think that would be a better deterrent.”


The NME Premier Review features exclusive footage of Manic Street Preachers performing ‘You Stole The Sun From My Heart’ at Cardiff Arena before Christmas. Other highlights of the hour-long documentary include REM performing ‘Lotus’ in Vienna on their recent low-key promotional tour, Fatboy Slim djing in Brighton, Suede in the studio during the recording of their new album, a sample from the forthcoming Underworld album, ‘Beaucoup Fish’, accompanied by new graphics from the band, and Hole in the studio during the recording of their ‘Celebrity Skin’ LP. Also featured are Gomez, Massive Attack, Add N To (X), Jurassic 5 and Asian Dub Foundation. Mercury Rev are filmed in upstate New York and The Beta Band lounge around with a ‘bevvy of beauties’ in a swimming pool in the documentary, which tracks the ups and downs of the music scene over the past year.

Among the issues tackled during interviews with Jarvis Cocker, Alan McGee, Stereophonics, James Lavelle and Kenickie are the death of Britpop, the Labour Party’s betrayal of youth, the UK festival scene and the rise of Robbie Williams. Chumbawamba relive the night they doused John Prescott with water, Brian Molko makes a stand against homophobia and Cerys Matthews puts the world to rights in the film, which airs at 11.30pm on Wednesday, January 27 on Channel 4.

There are still a few tickets left for the premiere screenings of the Review which take place at Virgin Cinemas in London Haymarket, Brighton, Southampton, Sheffield and Liverpool on Tuesday, January 26. NME readers wishing to attend the premieres should arrive at their local Virgin cinema in good time for the 9pm screenings. To gain entry for two to the premiere you will need to show a copy of NME at the door. Those attending will get the chance to win a Virgin Cinema Annual Pass, a six-month subscription to NME and a year’s supply of Carling Premier.

Following the broadcast of the NME Premier Review, Channel 4 will be screening four programmes filmed at the NME Premier Shows in London featuring Mansun, Mogwai, UNKLE, Idlewild, Mercury Rev, Gay Dad, Regular Fries and Llama Farmers. The first two shows from the London Astoria will be shown at midnight on Thursday, January 28 and at 12.30am, after TFI Friday, on January 29. The remaining two shows will be broadcast the following week.

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