James, Nicky and Sean release video of their monumental Cardiff Millennium Stadium gig...

Manic Street Preachers release a video of their New Year’s Eve concert at Cardiff Millennium stadium on April 10 through Sony Video.

Titled ‘Leaving The 20th Century (The Incomplete Work Of Manic Street Preachers)’, a joke referring to constant speculation about the band splitting, the video contains the whole concert, exclusive pre and post gig interviews with the band, footage of the soundcheck and rehersals as well as interviews with fans attending the night.

The event was held before a sold-out crowd of 60,000 and live excerpts were seen worldwide by millions as the concert was part of the BBC’s coverage of the momentous evening.

The Manics played a 20 song set which straddled both the 20th and 21st Centuries and included hits old and new.

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