Sony Music insist the hacking of four 'Know Your Enemy' tracks is a "one-off"...

MANIC STREET PREACHERS’ record label SONY MUSIC upgraded internet security yesterday (January 25) after four tracks from the band’s new album ‘KNOW YOUR ENEMY’ were accessed by fans earlier in the week.

As previously reported on NME.COM, four new Manics songs, ‘Ocean Spray’, ‘Miss Europa Disco Dancer’, ‘Found That Soul’ and ‘Freedom Of Speech Won’t Feed My Children’ appeared on the unofficial Manics website


after a fan guessed an internet address giving access to the songs.

Yesterday (January 25), Sony Music, who had prepared the tracks with a view to streaming them online in the run-up to the release of ‘Know Your Enemy’, were notified of the breach, and changed the addresses.

Tony Martin, the director of e-Media at Sony Music explained what happened. He told NME.COM this kind of hacking is a “one-off”, and a series of new measures are now in place to ensure the security of their artists.

He explained: “We encoded a number of Manic Street Preachers songs so when the promotion runs the tracks were ready to go. Usually we use 30-second clips, but in this case it was the full song. They never appeared on our website ([url=]www.sonymusic.com) but we were the victim of a simplistic hack. A fan looked at a link from the stream of one of their songs, changed the title and it worked.”

He explained that the four tracks were only available for a number of hours at 56K bandwidth, so as to be “inferior quality” and “streaming only”, ie, not fully downloadable as an MP3 file.

Martin continued: “We acknowledge that the breach was potentially serious had the songs been of higher quality and downloadable, but that has been dealt with now.” He said a number of security measures are now in place which ensure all the artists on Sony Music will not suffer the same breach as the Manics. He added that he is unaware of any plans to take legal action against the fan websites who put the links to the songs on their sites.

The first official releases from ‘Know Your Enemy’ will be two singles, ‘So Why So Sad’ and ‘Found That Soul’, on March 5 via Sony/Epic.