Bookies place them as faves for 'This Is My Truth...' to win Mercury Prize...

THE MANIC STREET PREACHERS are the favourites to win this year’s Technics Mercury Music Prize, the annual prize for best British or Irish album of the year selected by a panel of broadsheet journalists and academics.

The list of 12 nominess has just been announced at the Royal Commonwealth Club in London, along with the bookie’s odds. As usual, the token jazz, folk and classical entries are last – tied at 16-1 – while the battle at the top is between the Manics, The Chemical Brothers and Blur.

The nominees are


The Manic Street Preachers ‘This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours’ 3-1 favourite The Chemical Brothers ‘Surrender’ 4-1 Blur ’13’ 6-1 Stereophonics ‘Performance And Cocktails’ 6-1 Faithless ‘Sunday 8 pm’ 7-1 Underworld ‘Beaucoup Fish’ 8-1 Beth Orton ‘Central Reservation’ 10-1 Talvin Singh ‘OK’ 10-1 Blackstar Liner ‘Bengali Bantam Youth Experience’ 14-1 Kate Rusby ‘Sleepless’ 16-1 Thomas Ades ‘Asayla’ 16-1 Denys Baptiste ‘Be Where You Are’ 16-1

The awards will be announced at a ceremony in London on September 7.