Four tracks - including that much talked-about disco number - can be downloaded now...

Four new tracks from the forthcoming MANIC STREET PREACHERS album ‘KNOW YOUR ENEMY’ have been made available on the unofficial Manics website, [url=]www.staybeautiful.net, NME.COM can reveal

The four tracks are ‘Ocean Spray’, ‘Miss Europa Disco Dancer’, new single ‘Found That Soul’ and ‘Freedom Of Speech Won’t Feed My Children’.

‘Ocean Spray’ is a mid-tempo ballad, which bears a guitar refrain not dissimilar to Blur’s ‘Coffee & TV’; ‘Miss Europa Disco Dancer’ is the much touted Manics disco track, with ’70s style disco strings, while ‘Freedom Of Speech Won’t Feed My Children’ is the closest of the songs to return to the band’s punk roots. Initial listens indicate a political polemic, possibly about the current situation in Tibet, with references to China, the Dalai Lama, and bizarrely, the Beastie Boys.

All the tracks are available in Realplayer format and are of excellent quality. The only material previously available from ‘Know Your Enemy’ on the Internet has been a stream of the forthcoming single ‘So Why So Sad’ on NME.COM and the official Manic Street Preachers website [url=]www.manics.co.uk, and a 30-second stream of the second single ‘Found That Soul’ – also on the official Manics website.

A spokesperson for the Manic Street Preachers was unavailable for comment this morning (January 25), and it is currently unclear whether the website will be forced to remove the songs.

The Manics’ new singles, ‘Found That Soul’ and ‘So Why So Sad’ are both released on March 5 via Epic. ‘Know Your Enemy’ will follow in Spring.