Reactions to 'So Why So Sad' are extremely varied after its Internet premiere on NME.COM...

MANIC STREET PREACHERS fans have flooded NME.COM with their opinions on the band’s new single ‘SO WHY SO SAD’, and cannot agree on whether it is a return to form, or the worst single they have ever released.

NME.COM has been hosting the first new Manics single in a year since 1.30pm yesterday (January 22), and over 500 fans have visited the site to give their opinion.

The only thing they could agree on was that the sound of ‘So Why So Sad’ comes as surprise, as most Manics devotees were expecting a return to their punk roots following the release of ‘The Masses Against The Classes’ in January 2000.


Johnathan from Canada e-mailed to say that although he found it “extremely odd” considering what has been said about forthcoming record ‘Know Your Enemy’, he was pleased the Manics had written “a lovely piece of ‘Pet Sounds’-era Beach Boys charm.”

Nic Barker from England agreed. He said: “I am in shock! I am tingling all over! May the Manics no longer be classed as a straightforward guitar band. If this is a sign of what is yet to come then let this be a warm welcome to the new and revitalised Manic Street Preachers.”

Chris Burgess from Scotland added: “I thought ‘So Why So Sad’ was interesting. After listening to it a few times the subtleties of the song really strike you. I’m not one of those Manics fans who wants everything to be ‘Slash And Burn’.”

However, the move away from a ‘Masses…’ sound on ‘So Why So Sad’ has outraged a lot of the older Manics fans. A number posed the question “so why so shite”, comparing the song to a Christmas single or a B-side from their last album ‘This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours’.

Daniel Jarrett wrote: “Unfortunately for us music lovers it seems the Manics have finally lost the plot and the songwriting skills. ‘So Why So Sad’ is possibly the worst Manics single I have ever heard, and that’s saying something”

Kelvyn Rollo from England agreed. He commented: “It is by far the worst Manics song I have heard. They said they were trying to get back to ‘The Holy Bible’ which is by far their best album and yet it sounds more like pop than ‘This Is My Truth…’ ”


It is still possible to hear the track and give your opinion. To hear ‘So Why So Sad’, Click here.

‘So Why So Sad’ will be released on March 5, via Epic, the same day as another new single, ‘Found That Soul’. There is a 30-second clip of ‘Found That Soul’ on the official Manic Street Preachers website [url=]www.manics.co.uk.