Listen to 'So Why So Sad' and give your verdict...

MANIC STREET PREACHERS’ new single, ‘SO WHY SO SAD’, has appeared on NAPSTER, only minutes after being made available in full on NME.COM.

The track appeared on the controversial file-sharing network shortly after NME.COM made it available to fans at 1.30pm this afternoon (January 22). However, the quality of the track is variable.

To hear ‘So Why So Sad’ in full,

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[url=]click here. The single is one of two released on March 5, and NME.COM are giving you the chance to tell us what you think by leaving your opinions in our special Manics guestbook contained within the pop-up listening post. The best will be published on NME.COM.

It is also possible to hear a 30-second clip of the other single, ‘Found That Soul’, on the official Manics website, [url=]