Nicky Wire bites back at Billy Bragg...

THE MANIC STREET PREACHERS broughtT In The Park to a spectacular finish last night when they ended their set by smashing up the stage.

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Nicky Wire launched a retaliatory tirade against Billy Bragg, as well as Stereophonics and The Beta Band during their set.


Nicky Wire responded to Bragg‘s comments at Glastonbury about the band having a private portaloo.

“This one’s for Billy Bragg, the biggest nosed twat in the world. I wouldn’t want his dick pissing in my toilet for all the money in the world. Get back in the fucking army. The dickwit…And stop stealing Woody Guthrie‘s songs!” said Wire.

Later, Wire also launched an attack on Stereophonics (exhorting them to stick their guitars up their arses) and The Beta Band (“There’s a tent back there with four people in it and The Beta Band are playing in it why don’t you fuck off to that pile of shit”)

The Stereophonics jibe may have been in response to their refusal to play the outdoor millennium show that the band are reportedly planning as well as attacks in print from the band; in the NME Premier Awards documentary at the beginning of the year, Wire had a pop at The Beta Band for being blatantly uncommercial.

The band finished their set and spent almost ten minutes smashing it up, hurling debris into the crowd, with the exception of James, who propped his guitar against an amp and walked off saying: “I’m off to the Met Bar.”

Wire also echoed sentiments expressed the previous day by The Beautiful South‘s Paul Heaton that T in the Park was: “…a hundred times better than Glastonbury.”


The T in the Park festival near Kinross in Perthshire was attended by around 50,000 people and passed off comparatively smoothly. On the first day, there was a crush to get into the Stage two tent where Travis were playing; the band were running late security staff closed the doors and fans started climbing in under the walls of the tent. There was a lot of booing when the band walked on. Singer Fran Healy defused the anger by saying: “This is the best festival in the world.”

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