Terry Venables must come...

Manic Street Preachers have offered to donate thirty grand to the Football Association of Wales to hire Terry Venables as manager of the Welsh side.

Nicky Wire said, “they get Terry Venables, Wales qualify for the World Cup”.

The FAW have been trying to get Venables but reportedly can’t meet his salary demands; the Manics‘ offer of ‘30,000 could offset some of Venables‘s reported fee of ‘100,000 per year.


David Collins, Secretary of the FAW said in today’s Mirror: “If we wish to appoint Mr Venables and someone is genuine about giving money, we will talk with them”.

This isn’t the first time the Manics have had a go at the FAW over the national team. Last September when the band played a Radio 1 show in Cardiff, James Dean Bradfield sparked off a war of words over then manager Bobby Gould by changing the lyrics of ‘Everything Must Go’ to ‘Bobby Gould must go’.

Gould then slammed the Manics the following week on BBC’s Football Focus, saying: “That lad Richey – I don’t think that’s the right way for young people to lead their lives”.

The band then had a go at Gould again in the following week’s NME.

“My only problem with Bobby Gould is I thought he was really out of order having a go at Richey,” said Nicky Wire. “I don’t think it’s very laudable to have a go at somebody who can’t defend themselves. I’ve supported Wales since I was very, very young, I was going to Home Internationals when Bobby Gould still had dreams of playing for England, so I don’t feel there’s anything wrong if I wanna criticise the manager. Everybody else does it. But I still want Wales to win every single match with a passion.”

Nicky also pledged to record an unofficial song for Wales if they qualified for Euro 2000


“Whether he (Gould) likes it or not, all the crowd will be singing one of our songs if they qualify!”