After hearing 'Know Your Enemy' on NME.COM at the weekend, Manics fans have been bombarding us with their opinions...

MANIC STREET PREACHERS fans have bombarded NME.COM with their responses to new album ‘KNOW YOUR ENEMY’, which was streamed here over the weekend, ahead of its release today (March 19).

And despite a range of remarks from the rhapsodic to the downright derisory, most feedback has seen fans happy with the result.

“Fuckinell [sic],” said Matt from the UK, “this really is the Manics on top form. I’m lovin’ this – thanks, NME.COM.”

“A very diverse album that seems to span the whole of the Manics’ career in all their guises,” enthused Paul C. “They’ve really gone to town here and it really, really works. I’ll be first in the queue on Monday.”

Ricardo Murta of Portugal felt it was simply “beautiful”, while Joseph Hall from Australia said it was “quite possibly their finest album to date… [it] resembles The Clash’s ‘London Calling’ in musical diversity and creativity.” There was a word of warning from Joseph, though. “If Nicky Wire does another song on lead vocals, I’ll shoot the bastard,” he explained.

There were no such problems for Mark Sciriha from Malta, who found it “quite exquisite… one of the year’s best albums. It should be acclaimed in the end,” while William Richards from the UK said it had “restored [his] faith in the Manics,” which made him much like Siobhan Moloney from Ireland, who felt it their “best album to date”.

However, Bucci from Canada, found it “frustratingly inconsistent and needlessly four or five songs too long. The Manics seem unwilling or unable to shed their tired/ridiculous punk posturing, and it hinders and occupies half of the album.”

Andy Harris was less brutal but made a point echoed by many: “Just like the Millennium Dome experience, it’s not as good as you hoped, but nowhere near as bad as everybody makes out.”

One person happy with the result was someone who identified himself as Fidel Castro of Cuba (e-mail address “The Best Band Ever,” thought Fidel. However, someone else called Nicky Wire (e-mail address not provided) said: “It’s bollox, basically.”