Thanks for the haiku

On the whole, you loved it. From James “pulsating with kinetic energy” to Nicky returning in “school-girl attire” they seldom put a feather boa wrong.

Some of you were bewitched by Shack and others thought they were, well, shite – but the night. despite good efforts from the Super Furries, clearly belonged to the Manics.

We even had a three-line poem which was haiku-like in it’s simplicity.

If you were there and you’ve not written in yet [url=]click here to have your say.

What you said:

“Electric atmosphere, a mixture of fans young and old. It got better after midnight as everyone was up for a party, no hostility, brilliant crowd.

“Excellent performance, it felt like a real homecoming and it was truly special for all Manics fans. I felt that it was a tribute to Richey and I am sure I saw a few tears in Nicky‘s eyes.”

Claire Bicknell, Chelmsford

Sean Moore is turning into the Queen Mother – all we got from him was a single wave after being “introduced” by James.

“The Super Furries were just great, really getting the crowd going and putting in a memorable performance.”

Will Jones, Bristol

“The atmosphere was electric, everyone was completely revelling in it.

James was pulsating with kinetic energy, high-wheeling around the stage.

“After the bells rang Nicky Wire reappeared and told everyone he’d done a ‘Diana Ross-style change’ at the break. He returned in school-girl attire and a glittering cape behind him.

Shack were fantastic, bellowing out their tracks like ‘The Streets of Kenny’ and ‘Natalie’s Party’.”

Chris Lindsay & Joanne Jones, Inverness & Neath (S. Wales)

Shack were shite

Feeder were cool

SFA were great”

Arthur O’Keeffe, Hull

“The queue outside was fantastic. A great community spirit. The people I was with were singing Manics song while I played guitar parts on the Kazoo and we loved it.

Shack were every pedestrian music lovers wet dream.”

Robert Dane, Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Leicestershire

NICKY WAS ABSOLUTELY FUCKING GORGEOUS AND AMAZING!!!!!!!! He said that everyone has to buy Masses Against The Classes ‘To stop the pop shit that is always number one’.”

Sarah Burke, Charvil

Nicky Wire was beaten to the inevitable dissing of all things institutional on the night by Gruff of the Super Furry Animals (‘Fuck the Dome, Fuck the Queen!’).”


“The gig basically consisted of a majority ‘Casual’ fans– it was more of a Welsh Millennium celebration than a Manics gig. The set was a very big disappointment – it was basically V99 with ‘Rock n roll music’ and ‘Cant take my eyes of you’ added on.”

Celia Leigh, Rochdale

“It felt like they were playing to us…last December and at Glastonbury, it felt like they were going through the motions, it was like they didn’t really care where they were and who was listening…this was special to them and the crowd responded brilliantly. It did feel like an end of an era.”

Matt Bennett, Bedford