NME.COM has also heard whispers about the title of the first single from 'Know Your Enemy'...

MANIC STREET PREACHERS made a short film during the recording of their new album, ‘KNOW YOUR ENEMY’, and have made it available via their official website [url=]

And rumours are now circulating the Internet that the band’s new single will be called ‘So Why So Sad’, after a Danish website [url=] listed the title with a release date of March 6. An official spokesperson for the band was unavailable to confirm the title or release date.

The four-minute film, which was shot in Spain in summer 2000, does not feature behind-the-scenes footage of the band in the studio or new material; instead it focuses on images of the Spanish countryside and the town in which the album was recorded.

Drummer Sean Moore makes a brief cameo appearance, playing pool while taking a break from recording.

Elsewhere on the site, the band have posted a number of quotes, which may be lyrics which feature on ‘Know Your Enemy’. Examples include: “Maybe a future in film / But Cuban boxers still win[/I]”, “Liberty, sweet liberty / Charitable respectability“, “Kleenex kitchen towels and Teletext TV / My favourite inventions of the Twentieth Century“, “Internal matter they say / For a million dollars a day[/I]” and “My smile as real as a hyena’s / Burns an express way to my skull[/I]”.