Spoof website combines pleasures of music and, er, Lego

After headlining the major festivals of the year it seemed that there was nowhere the Manics could go – but now they’ve received possibly the ultimate accolade – they’ve become children’s toys. The Lego Street Preachers.

A new website, which is based loosely the official Manics site, transforms the Blackwood punk-literates to inch-high Lego-men.

It includes the ‘covers’ of all the Lego Street Preachers albums as well as photographs of all the members of the Lego Street Preachers including Richey.


Click here for Lego Street Preachers

The site has already caught the attention of John Peel who mentioned on his show last night (7 April).

Many Manics fans, frequently accused of being humourless, are raving about the site. One fan, Jane Falconer says:”It’s hysterically funny. Nick Wire flat on his back in concert had me on my back laughing for half an hour. Mind you, I also thought that some people have too much time on their hands.”

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