The manager's upset but Nicky Wire thinks it's hilarious...

The Manic Street Preachers have been landed with a bill from the organisers of T In The Park following Nicky Wire‘s equipment-smashing frenzy at the end of the band’s electric set there in June.

Speaking to MTV News last week in New York, Nicky Wire said: “I’ve just got the bill for #28,000 for smashing everything up. All the lights, the P.A. The manager’s pretty worried about it. It was really funny. Sean pushed his kit over, but then restrained himself. James and Sean then walked off, and about 15 minutes later I was still out there smashing everything, screaming hysterically. I gave my bass away to the audience. I gave Sean‘s snare away, and I came into the dressing room and Sean goes, ‘That’s good. I pushed my kit over, but I didn’t break anything.’ And I went, ‘I think you did. Not only did you break it, but I gave half of it away.’ That was amazing.”

The Manics‘ ill-fated US dates finish tomorrow in Los Angeles. It seems likely that the cancelled dates will be rescheduled towards the end of the year as The Manics have to return to the UK for October 5 to give a press conference at the Cardiff Millennium Stadium about their New Year’s Eve gig there.

Advertisement will be there to bring you full details of the line-up and ticket details and a personal reaction from the Manics about their salvaged North American jaunt.

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