Manic Street Preachers unveil ‘Futurology’ video – watch

The single is set for release on September 15

Manic Street Preachers have unveiled the video for upcoming single ‘Futurology’, the title track from their current LP — scroll down to watch.

Featuring a spoken word introduction in German and juxtaposed images of architecture and nature interspersed with lyrics from the track, the video was directed by regular collaborator Kieran Evans. Speaking about the single, which was recorded at Hansa Studios in Berlin and the band’s own Faster Studio in Cardiff, the Manics previously declared the song to be “a statement of existential socialism – belief that humanity is still a viable ideal”.

The single will be released on September 15 and is backed with two brand new songs – ‘Antisocialmanifesto’ and ‘Kodawari’, plus a remix of ‘Futurology’ by Welsh producer R Seiliog.

Manic Street Preachers also recently discussed the prospect of playing their seminal third studio album ‘The Holy Bible’ in full to celebrate its 20th anniversary. Speaking about the idea, singer James Dean Bradfield said, “We haven’t bought into that shtick of doing all our kind of albums and their anniversaries. We’ve always been releasing new records [thus far].” However, he then continued, “It’s 20 years since ‘The Holy Bible’ next year, and there’s a bit of us that thinks, maybe we should for once, stop being so principled and make loads of money and play it.”

‘The Holy Bible’ was released on August 29, 1994. Its 20-year anniversary is being celebrated in this week’s NME magazine, available nationwide on August 13, where the Manics will grace the cover.