Manic Street Preachers to play ‘The Holy Bible’ gigs?

James Dean Bradfield says it might be time to "stop being so fucking principled and play it."

Manic Street Preachers have said they may play a set of gigs to mark the anniversary of their album, ‘The Holy Bible’.

The band’s frontman, James Dean Bradfield, revealed in a radio interview on Saturday (June 28), that the band have been discussing ways they could mark the 20th anniversary of the landmark album in a few months’ time.

“We might at the end of the year do some kind of 20th anniversary of ‘The Holy Bible’ gigs,” he told Absolute Radio. “We haven’t bought into that shtick of doing all our kind of albums and their anniversaries. We’ve always been releasing new records [thus far].”

Bradfield continued: “It’s 20 years since ‘The Holy Bible’ next year, and there’s a bit of us that thinks, maybe we should for once, stop being so principled and make loads of money and play it.”

He added: “[We might] try and get a hologram of Richey, or something, like Tupac! But I’m not sure. I don’t think we will [play an album in full] again.”

The band’s new album ‘Futurology’, which is the follow-up to last year’s ‘Rewind The Film’, will be released on July 7.