Manics’ Nicky Wire wants to play ‘The Holy Bible’ in full at Glastonbury

The 20th anniversary of the band's classic 1994 album is coming up next year (2014)

Nicky Wire from Manic Street Preachers has revealed he would like to play the band’s classic 1994 album ‘The Holy Bible’ in full at Glastonbury.

The album will be 20 years old next year (2014) and Lauren Laverne asked the band if they have any plans to mark the anniversary during the Manics’ 6 Music Live gig at London’s Maida Vale earlier today (October 17).

“I’ve had a good rummage in the attic and there’s plenty of stuff. Lots of letters from each other. Lots of notebooks really that I forgot we had, myself and Richey especially. It’d be nice to do some sort of thing,” Wire said, before adding: “We’ve wrestled with the idea of doing a gig playing the whole of it, but I’m not so sure…”

After the audience reacted enthusiastically to this idea, Wire admitted: “I’d like to do it at Glastonbury actually, I really would.”

Meanwhile, frontman James Dean Bradfield said of the album’s anniversary: “I think [Nicky Wire] might have a plan. We’ve definitely found a lot of ‘Holy Bible’ material which we didn’t know we had. I don’t mean music – pictures, perhaps some notebooks, that kind of thing. We’ve found things there, definitely.”

The Manics released their largely acoustic 11th studio album, ‘Rewind The Film’, on September 16. Frontman James Dean Bradfield recently shared his views on today’s music scene, saying: “When I look at bands now I see lots of checked shirts, wedge haircuts, guitars worn high, steals from calypso music and, hey-ho, we get songs for insurance ads.”

Watch highlights from the Manics’ 6 Music Live gig at and via BBC Red Button from 7pm tonight (October 17).