Manic Street Preachers’ James Dean Bradfield launches new podcast series to accompany second solo album

Episode one of 'Inspired By Jara' features Simple Minds' Charlie Burchill

Manic Street Preachers‘ frontman James Dean Bradfield has launched a new podcast to accompany his forthcoming second solo album, ‘Even In Exile’.

Entitled Inspired By Jara, the three-part series sees Bradfield explore the world of Chilean musician Victor Jara – who inspired his new record – and the enduring cultural influence that still resonates after his death.

Part 1 arrives today (August 5) and features Simple Minds guitarist Charlie Burchill as well as Joey Burns from Calexico, who together discuss the impact Jara’s work has had on modern music.


For next week’s instalment (August 12), Bradfield will be joined by Emma Thompson and Christopher Bruce, while the final episode (August 19) will focus on Jara’s influence on protest singing. Appearing on the third podcast will be writer Dorian Lynskey, singers Dafydd Iwan and Holly Near, and ‘Even In Exile’ co-writer Patrick Jones.

You can listen to Inspired By Jara here via your desired streaming platform.

Bradfield discussed his fascination with Jara in an interview with NME last month, saying: “When I started listening to it two years ago, I was just stunned that his music could have such a tender and beautiful heart. There’s such a spirit of reconciliation in his protest music and I’d never heard that before.

“Protest music is usually quite confrontational. That led me on to make a record trying to reach and communicate with other people – not to just confront.”


‘Even Is Exile’ is due to arrive next Friday (August 14) and serves as the follow-up to Bradfield’s 2006 debut, ‘The Great Western’. The project contains lyrics written by Patrick Jones – the famous Welsh poet and playwright and brother of Manics bassist and lyricist Nicky Wire.

Three tracks from the record have been shared so far: ‘The Boy From The Plantation’, ‘There’ll Come A War’ and ‘Seeking The Room With The Three Windows’.