Manic Street Preachers “progressing well” with new album as they share new lyrics

"Thanks for your patience"

Manic Street Preachers have told fans that they are “progressing well” with their new album, as well as sharing what appear to be new lyrics.

The Welsh rock veterans had previously confirmed that they had been at work on the follow-up to 2018’s acclaimed ‘Resistance Is Futile‘ during last year’s lockdown – with bassist and lyricist Nicky Wire telling NME that the record was sounding “expansive” and had a “retro-futuristic” vibe to it.

After sharing a list of nine potential potential song titles back in January, now Wire has shared a selfie on Instagram with the message “album 14 progressing well”, as well the lyrics “And in the rhythm of your voice, I find space to rejoice/My complicated illusions leave me with no choice” – before thanking fans for their patience.


Previously shared titles for tracks on the record include ‘The Secret He Had Missed (For August and Gwen)’, ‘Blank Diary Entry’, ‘Afterending’, ‘Diapause’, ‘Don’t Let The Night Divide Us’, ‘Happy Bored Alone’, ‘Still Snowing In Sapporo’, ‘Quest For Ancient Colour’ and ‘Orwellian’.

“We’ve written one really brilliant Manics song called ‘Orwellian’,” Wire told NME last March. “We’ve demoed that and it feels like a bit of a signpost to where we’re going. It’s got a bit of an ‘If You Tolerate This’ retro-futurism about it. It’s our shining light at the moment.”

Manic Street Preachers
Manic Street Preachers. CREDIT: Danny Martindale/WireImage

Asked about the sound of their new material, Wire revealed: “It’s very broad – it feels like an expansive record. ‘Resistance Is Futile’ certainly felt more tight and ‘pop’ in a Manics sense. Everything was really melodic and concise. This album just feels broader. It’s got a wider landscape, sonically. It’s early days, but ‘Orwellian’ feels like the one track to guide us. I wouldn’t call it a directly political song, but it has that element of the times that we live in.”

He added: “Lyrically, I’m just working things out. Since losing both my parents, I’ve been kind of overwhelmed at that situation. There’s a deep-rooted sadness and melancholia that overhangs everything.”


Speaking of the new record last year, frontman James Dean Bradfield said that the band’s 14th studio effort wouldn’t contain any references to the coronavirus crisis, as it would be like “adding insult to injury”.

Bradfield released his second solo album ‘Even In Exile’ last summer, while  Wire has been working on “modern, electronic, soothsaying” solo material.

The Manics will play their rescheduled Cardiff Arena shows for the NHS in July 2021. The concerts were originally due to take place this December at Cardiff Motorpoint Arena, with one free for healthcare workers and the other a fundraiser for health service charities.

They’ve also announced more details of a show at at Halifax Piece Hall on Friday September, with support from British Sea Power, Adwaith and The Anchoress. The latter recently released acclaimed second album ‘The Art Of Losing‘, featuring guest vocals and guitar from Bradfield.