Manic Street Preachers release emotional new single ‘Dylan & Caitlin’

They're nailing their colours to the mast...

Manic Street Preachers have returned with ‘Dylan & Caitlin’, the latest single to be taken from forthcoming album Resistance Is Futile.

The track sees the Welsh icons nailing their colours to the mast as they tell the story of celebrated poet Dylan Thomas and his stormy relationship with wife Caitlin.

And while it’s James Dean Bradfield assuming the role of Thomas for the track, Caitlin is represented by Welsh songwriter The Anchoress.


You can listen to the track in full here, as well as watching an acoustic rendition below.

Next month, the Manics will release their thirteenth album ‘Resistance is Futile’.

Describing the record last year, Bradfield told NME how the band would recognise the state of the nation and remain as ardently politicised as ever.

“Nicky Wire, [bassist and lyricist] has given me some amazing lyrics that absolutely sum up the political situation that we’ve been talking about, and I’ve fallen back in love with the middle 8. I’m writing a lot of middle 8s”, he said.

“I would like to kick against the oblique, delineated, opaque groove that everybody is into. I’d like to rock again.”