Man’s too hot? Big Shaq has finally taken off his jacket

Today is the day!

Big Shaq has released the video for ‘Man Don’t Dance’, and it sees him do the seemingly impossible.

In this instance, ‘seemingly impossible’ means taking off his jacket after the success of ‘Man’s Not Hot’, which is an altogether unthinkable act.

The clip sees Shaq relaxing in a cafe with friends, but he chooses to remove the jacket in a bid to impress a female friend.


“You know what? That was last year’s ting”, Shaq remarks before taking off his jacket.

“Today is the day!”

Check out the video in full below.

Since the success of ‘Man’s Not Hot’, Big Shaq has become a familiar presence both on TV and online – bagging an NME Award nomination for ‘Hero Of The Year’ in 2018.

He also spoke to NME about his hope of collaborating with Noel Gallagher, after the former Oasis guitarist admitted that he was a big fan of the rapper.


“Noel Gallagher, he’s a legend,” Shaq told NME. “One legend’s approval of what you’re doing is nice – but you know, let’s wait and see what’s going to happen.”

Asked about the likelihood of the pair working together, he replied: “Who knows? Who bloody knows mate?”

Rather bizarrely, Shaq also became the face of Lynx earlier this year – receiving a talking can that plays his track every time it is sprayed.


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