Band try to organise fundraiser for ailing Third Division club...

Mansun are trying to help save their debt-stricken home team Chester City Football Club from closure by playing a huge benefit gig for them at its ground this summer.

The club are currently in administration after running up debts of ‘600,000 and its management are desperately looking for a buyer – or else the Third Division club, founded in 1885, will close.

Mansun, who regularly watch Chester play at their home ground of Deva Stadium, have pledged they will do their best to help the club out of its predicament and are currently trying to organise a major gig at the ground this summer, with a host of other bands supporting.


The band, who release a new single, ‘Six’, on February 1, a new version of their current album’s title track, are giving their services for free and all profits will be donated to the club.

A statement sent to NME by the band said: “In connection with Mansun playing a fund raising concert at Deva Stadium for Chester City Football Club, we can confirm that we are currently in the early stages of conversations/negotiations with the Supporters’ Association with regards to licensing, ground availability and actual club ownership. No firm date has been set. However, the band are committed to giving their full support to CCFC in any way possible.”

The ground holds 6,000 for matches, but it’s thought up to 10,000 could be accommodated for a one-day music festival. It will be the first time such an event has been held there.

Simon Williamson, commercial manager at the Cheshire club, said the club had just been given another stay of execution by the courts and that they hoped to keep the debtors at bay until the summer gig, or until a buyer could be found.

He told NME Mansun had offered to put on a benefit gig after they invited a group of people from CCFC to their hometown gig last month.

Williamson continued: “We’re absolutely desperate for money and delighted that Mansun are offering to help in this way.


“We still need a millionaire to buy the club, but this could really help. Even if we get a buyer, we’ll still need as much money as possible to pay off the debts. It’ll be such a shame if it goes.”

A spokeswoman for the band said: “They really want to do it. They all really love football and they are proud of where they come from. It’s the least they could do.”

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