The band plan to showcase the material on the road...

MANSUN have completed eight new songs for the follow-up to ‘LITTLE KIX’, and are planning to tour later in the year.

Singer Paul Draper has told the official Mansun website, Mansun plan to return to the studio in May to continue working on new material.

Speaking previously to NME.COM, guitarist Dominic Chad said that the “harder” songs are likely to appear on a brand new EP, released later in the year. The band are also considering saving the material for use on their new album, released later this year.

Chad said: “We’re going to get ourselves in a rehearsal room and play through it as a band. We’re going to do something we’ve never done before, which is if we play any shows later in the year we’re going to try new stuff out on tour before recording it. We’ve found stuff evolves the more you play it”.

He added: “I think, songwriting-wise, we’re always trying to write the songs to the best that we can. We’ll probably try and make it sound harder than ‘Little Kix’ because ‘Little Kix’ is a laid-back record and there are quite a few mid-tempo tracks on it. We want to strip the whole thing down and be a four-piece guitar band.”