The final part of our Mansun q&a session where you ask the questions...

How do you feel, after changing your name from Manson, about Charles Manson now spelling his name with a ‘U’? (Oliver Kirkland, Birmingham)

Paul: “Really? He does? (It’s true – at a recent court appearance, Manson spelt out his name aloud as M-A-N-S-U-N to the clerk) Brilliant! Maybe we should sue him!”

Chad: “There was a fella in the audience in one place in the States dancing on his own who we were convinced was Charles Manson.”


Stove: “We get quite a few Manson lookalikes at our gigs.”

Have you ever seen a ghost? (Anonymous, Exeter)

Chad: “I had a haunted room when I was at college in the house that I shared. We had this cat who used to come in to the room and just sit, staring into one corner making a low, howling sound. And I had one of those old-fashioned alarm clocks with the bell – and during the night I’d get woken up by the alarm clock shuffling around on the table next to me.”

Stove: “I remember when Uri Geller stopped all the clocks in the country and the clock in our house stopped. (General silence, of the ‘what are you on about?’ nature) Well, what’s up with you? You believed his story!? He’s going on about his alarm clock and you’re all awestruck and I tell you about my clock and you’re like, ‘Wanker!'”

To which authority do you cower? (God, Heaven)
Chad: “That can’t be from God, it’s not written in Hebrew.”

Paul: “I suppose you end up cowering to fucking everything life throws at you. Or you can protest all the time. You can pretend you’re a non-conformist by wearing a T-shirt that says, ‘I Don’t Conform’ but I suppose everyone buckles under. You can hide behind the excuse that you’re fighting within the system but…”


Are there ever any problems between Paul and Chad given that they share a house together and work together – and do Andie and Stove ever feel left out of this close friendship? (Laura, Kent)

Stove: “I wouldn’t particularly want to make up a love triangle with them two.”

Chad: “I think Paul‘s about the only person who could cope with seeing me across the landing first thing every morning.”

Stove: “A sight to behold.”

Paul: “I’ll tell you something that pisses me off about you, Chad, is that you always steal my mail.”

Chad: “Do I?”

Paul: “And if I look under your bed, like, six weeks later, my mail’s always under his bed. Because what happens is, he gets up in the morning, still half asleep, goes down, fetches all the mail, takes it into his room and forgets all about it. So I never get any letters off anybody.”

If Mansun were The Young Ones, who would be who (ie, Rik, Neil, Vyvyan and Mike)? (Katie and Kelly, Widnes & Runcorn)

Paul: “Stove would be Mike. Definitely. I’d be Rik.”

Andie: “I’d be Vyvyan.”

Chad: “Actually, I’d like to be Alexei Sayle.”

Why do you think there is such a huge quantity of Mansun websites and fanzines dedicated to the band? (Kate, Mansun‘s Secret Love Bunker)

Paul: “There’s certainly loads and loads of them. Maybe because we’re a bit underground, really, nobody gets to read that much about us, we’re not on TV very much, so they end up making up their own magazines, create their own media. It’s very helpful.”

Paul, style-wise, do you regret the ‘quiff and ‘tache’ combination you sported in the early months of ’97? (Suzi, St Ives)

Paul: “That wasn’t a ‘tache, that was a goatee! It’s just that I wasn’t very good at growing a beard.”

Why do you still wear a cross and chain in view of your negative opinion on religion and the hypocrisy you see therein? (MGB)

Paul: “I’ve got an upside- down cross which I wear quite a bit, the anti-Catholic inverted one. This one here, the big one, is my nan’s, I wear it for family reasons.”

Are you the new Marillion? (Mark Freeman, Berks)

Paul: “Er… yes, or no? Can we duck out of this one? We’ve met Fish. We wouldn’t want to hurt his feelings, he’s a big guy!”

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