Scary suicidal fans stalk Chester's finest...

Mansun‘s ‘Six’ has affected people to such an extent that the band have had to call the Samaratins to get help for suicidal fans.

“I’m not gonna end up in a court case like fuckin’ OZZY OSBOURNE, saying this record’s made people commit suicide,” singer and songwriter PAUL DRAPER told NME. “There’s certain letters I couldn’t even reply to because some people are so far entrenched in the record and have drawn meanings out of it that even I don’t wanna see in it. We’ve had a lot of suicidal letters and stuff like that, but we’ve never been the type of people who’d block them off and abandon them. We call the Samaratins, try to help people. We’ve done that loads of times this year.”

As well as suicidal fans, Mansun also attract an inordinate number of stalkers.


“Someone turned up at one of the gigs with photos of ANDIE‘s girlfriend going into Marks & Spencer and Next,” he said. “Lyrically, people are connecting with the statements. Statements like “nobody cares when you’re gone” or a lot of the violent references in ‘Six’. People write those statements back to me in their own blood, “my life is a compromise” and that, and you realise you’ve connected so deeply with these people from writing one line. “

Draper says that the band’s crew are now more alert than ever to the dangers posed by potentially violent or dangerous fans.

“I can’t say that I’ve had death threats,” he said. “But I’m sure somebody would intercept them before they got to me.” related news

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The band release a reworked version of ‘Six’, the title track from their latest album, on a new EP on January 25 through Parlophone. Other new tracks on the release are ‘The Church Of The Drive-Thru Elvis’, ‘But The Trains Run On Time’ and ‘Never Again’.

The band have also sent an exclusive, free seven-inch to all fans who have been writing to their ‘Dark Mavis’ information service as a Christmas thank-you. The 2,500-copy limited-edition release features ‘Taxloss’ and ‘Everyone Must Win’ recorded at their recent sellout show at London Brixton Academy.

Read the full text of the Mansun interview in the bumper Xmas NME, on sale now.

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