Two songs from the forthcoming 'Little Kix' LP are aired at a convention in Liverpool...

Mansun fans were given an exclusive preview of a further two new songs from the band’s forthcoming album ‘LITTLE KIX’ at their first official convention in LIVERPOOL at the weekend.

The songs ‘A Soundtrack For Two Lovers’ and ‘Comes As No Surprise’ were played, and one reporter told that the songs were “rapturously received” by the faithful and hinted at a return to the more orchestral sound of their debut, ‘Attack Of The Grey Lantern’.

At the convention, which was held on Sunday (July 2) at Liverpool Lomax, four bands played – Kosha, Moslo, Buried Trevor and 68 Special – and the event was headlined by Mansun tribute band Little Kix, taking their name from the new album.

While there had been speculation that the band themselves might turn up, or possibly even play songs off ‘Little Kix’, they did not appear, with Dominic Chad turning up at the Radiohead gig in London the same night.

The band did, though, donate personal belongings, which were awarded to the best-dressed fans and included in a raffle. The items included a Paul Draper boiler suit and T-shirt as worn on the sleeve photos of their last album,‘Six’, plus a Dominic Chad dress.