Mansun play in Edinburgh at the bells and confirm NME headliner...

Mansun headline one of the NME Premier Shows at the London Astoria on January 22. They also see in 1999 by playing one of their biggest-ever gigs, in front of 60,000 on News Year’s Eve at Edinburgh Princes Street Gardens at the foot of Edinburgh Castle and will be on in the run-up to midnight.

Other bands on the bill are UB40 and THE PRETENDERS. The gig will be broadcast live on Sky and on Scottish television.

They also play band a warm-up date at Liverpool’s Cream on December 17 for their winter tour which kicks off at Chester Northgate Arena on December 18 .


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The band are currently in the studio working on tracks for b sides. A long form live video filmed at their recent UK shows will also be released next year.

UB40 and The Pretenders? Must we fling this filth at our Scottish pop kids? Have your say. Post a message on Angst!

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