Frontman Paul Draper spills the beans about his band's third album...

Mansun are to call their third album ‘THE TROUBLE WITH RELATIONSHIPS’ and its going to be released this spring through Parlophone, according to lead singer PAUL DRAPER.

He also revealed that new song titles for the follow-up to ‘Six’ include ‘Electric Man’, ‘I Can Only Disappoint You’, ‘A New Beginning’, ‘Forgive Me’ and ‘Rock ‘N’ Roll Loser’.

Speaking on unofficial Mansun website [url=]mansunite, he said that other working titles include ‘How To Lose Friends And Influence No One‘, ‘Soundtrack For Two Lovers’, ‘My Life Is My Own’, ‘Butterfly’, ‘The Repair Man’, ‘An Error Of Judgement’ and ‘Broken Man’.

He also added that the band hope to release a single from the album in March and will play a handful of small dates before playing this year’s Glastonbury Festival, which is on June 23-25 at Pilton in Somerset.

A spokesperson for Mansun confirmed that the interview WAS with the group’s frontman, though she said she couldn’t yet confirm or deny anything that he’d announced.

Elsewhere, Paul said the new album would be produced by Hugh Padgham who’s worked with Phil Collins, Genesis and Sting.

Draper described the new album as: “Epic, soulful, melancholy, sad ROCK!”