The band agree to let one of their tracks be used on Adam Mason's film 'Dust' for just £100...

MANSUN’s hit ?SIX? will feature as the theme tune on an up-and-coming British film director’s movie for the peppercorn fee of £100, NME.COM can reveal.

Lead singer Paul Draper was contacted by Cambridgeshire based director Adam Mason, 25, who wanted to use the song for his second film, ‘Dust’, as he is a huge Mansun fan.

The band originally quoted a much higher figure, but when Mason explained the entire budget for the film was just £50,000, and after Draper had read the script, also written by Mason, the band waived all but the minimum charge.

A spokesperson from Mansun’s management company told NME.COM: “Quite simply Paul Draper read the script and really liked it. In fact, a couple of the band actually read it – and they all thought it was great.”

The film, a black comedy from production company Paranoid Celluloid, is to be shot largely on location in Huntingdon. Mason described it as: “What happens when a bunch of wayward London 20-somethings collide with a family of insane pig breeders.”

Mason continued, “It is just fantastic that such respected bands are still prepared to look out for new talent and help them on the strength of the script alone. Having such quality music on board gave us a huge lift in the run up to filming as the right choice of music can really make the film.”

Mason’s first film, ‘The 13th Sign’ , was also shot in Huntingdon, and came out on DVD on November 25. It was premiered in September at the London Fright Fest but didn’t receive a general release. He is hoping the second film will garner more success and confirmed a number of other big name artists are considering providing tracks for the film soundtrack.

Mansun meanwhile are currently deciding which track should be the third single released next from their current album ‘Little Kix’. Whichever they plump for, it’ll be out in January through Parlophone. The band are also planning a huge UK tour for next year, a spokesperson told NME.COM.