Fan power helps in clinching 'Kleptomania''s release - and some extra help is still needed from you lot...

Mansun‘s ‘lost’ fourth album is see the light of day as part of a three-CD collection, after the band’s record label were sent a petition from over 2,000 fans demanding its release.

The set, due to come out on September 27, will also contain non-album singles, EP only tracks, rarities and previously unreleased material which can be chosen by you.

CD1 will feature the previously ‘lost’ sessions for the band’s fourth album, which was left uncompleted when the band split up in 2003.

Fans can help decide which non-album singles, B-sides and EP-only tracks will appear on CD2 by voting on Mansun‘s official website [url=]here.

CD3 will include rare and unreleased material, and songs already confirmed to appear on the collection are ‘Take It Easy Chicken’, ‘Closed For Business’ and ‘Skin Up Pin Up’.

‘Kleptomania’ will be released in special packaging, complete with sleeve notes by singer Paul Draper.

In a posting on the band’s website, Draper said: “To explain… at the point of the band’s split, we had completed four sessions for the fourth album, and were potentially going to go into the studio again to add a few extra songs. So the album wasn’t fully completed as such, although there are more than enough tracks from which the CD1 of the forthcoming set will be compiled.”

He added: “New tracks appearing on ‘Kleptomania’ will include some of the songs that we played on the final tour in 2002, like ‘Slipping Away’, ‘Keep Telling Myself’ and ‘Getting Your Way’.”

Speaking about his future, Draper revealed: “Well, I’ve started work on my own solo record, but am also busy with a few writing and production collaborations at the moment. I’ll be launching an official website of my own in the very near future.”