NME's sister paper Muzik is in Ibiza for tonight's party...

On the eve of their opening party at IBIZA‘s voluminous PRIVELEGE club, infamous club brand Manumission announced their plans for taking the club forward into the new millennium.

At a press conference held in a cool and overcast Ibiza Town, the iconic Mike and Claire spoke to about their theme for the year, which has been branded ‘Mundo Futuro’. Meaning literally ‘Future World’, the nights will revolve around the concept of cloning and communication. “I’m an evil doctor,” explained an excited Mike. “And I’ve planted 16 eggs inside Claire that are going to hatch.” One egg will hatch on each party that the Manumission crew throw over the summer, creating a theatrical spectacle that they feel will be unmatched anywhere else on the island.

“The eggs are a cross between two different girls and an animal,” elaborates Claire. “Like, tonight, it’s going to be a cross between a Chinese girl, an English girl and a dragon.”


“They’re completely new species that we’re creating,” added an earnest Mike. The climax of the show will involve performances from the widely respected Argentinian Aerial Troupe.

However, any Johnny-come-lately Brits popping along for the infamous Manumission sex show will be disappointed – they stopped the shows years ago, and Claire is only three weeks away from delivering her first child, a baby boy. “We knew were going to have to stop them at some point,” admits Mike, “but the most important thing from the very beginning has been on throwing the party. People have been partying in Ibiza since the days of ancient Rome, and that’s what we do.”

In conjunction with the technology-based theme, Manumission have also just unveiled a ground-breaking new deal with the mobile phone company Orange. Aiming to eventually utilise WAP technology, the company will be operating a Manumission information line, along with a base in the newly opened Mike & Claire‘s Diner in Ibiza Town which will eventually offer Internet access and a phone recharge service, and a complete Ibiza website at [url=] “The authorities on the island are making it illegal to flyer people on the beaches,” explained Andy, Mike‘s brother. “We’ve had to make preparations for the changes that are taking place both in Ibiza, and in the world of clubbing in general.” See tomorrow for a full report from the opening party. For news from Ibiza throughout the summer, Check out Muzik‘s site The Islander on

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