Just months after cheating death in a motorbike accident, the singer is on the way back...

MARC ALMOND says he knows “he’s lucky to be alive” after surviving a motorcycle crash in LONDON last year – but now he’s planning a comeback.

The Soft Cell star was a passenger on a bike that was involved in an accident with a car in the city in October last year. He was taken to hospital for emergency surgery on his head injuries and had a spell in intensive care.

Now Almond is on the way back – after fearing he may never sing again.


The Eighties icon told Uncut: “I’m lucky to be alive. I’m lucky still to have a singing voice. I nearly lost it. I’m lucky to still have a fully working brain. That was touch and go for a while with the head injuries.”

Almond added: “I don’t think I’d have recovered if they told me I couldn’t sing again. It was goal that pulled me through.”

Now Almondm who still faces another operation “to have the crews and bolts taken out”, is determined to get his career back on track as soon as possible.

He revealed: “I’ve already been in the studio once to do a bit of singing and I’m aiming for late spring to do a concert. I’d like to do it earlier but I can’t get insured to perform until three months after the last operation, which ties me to late May.”

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