Marcus Mumford says he got ‘chucked out’ of Glastonbury for trying to steal a sofa

Band headlined Glastonbury in 2013

Mumford & Sons frontman Marcus Mumford has revealed that he got thrown out of his band’s own VIP area at Glastonbury Festival for attempting to steal a sofa.

The band headlined Glastonbury in 2013. Speaking to Chris Moyles on Radio X, Marcus recalled: “We came off stage and I tried to nick a sofa from the dressing room – and got chucked out”.

“They didn’t let me back in,” he added, admitting that he was quite “merry”. “They’d just had enough of us by the end. And they said, ‘get out and don’t come back'”.


The singer also revealed that he had suffered a panic attack when the band played Glastonbury the time before that, in 2010.

“I’d had a panic attack the last time we played Glastonbury… So I was nervous about it anyway, because this was bigger than [the John Peel stage], and so I was just relieved more than anything else.”

“And then we did a big thing at the end with Vampire Weekend and a bunch of people and it went well. And then, we came off… and I wanted a sofa! I really wanted a sofa.”

Marcus Mumford also recently said that he regrets the band’s name – going as far to dub it as ‘rubbish’.