Mariah Carey has Las Vegas billboards banned for being ‘too sexy’

The singer was promoting her Las Vegas residency at Caesars Palace

Mariah Carey is reportedly having billboards advertising her Las Vegas shows banned for being “too sexy”.

The singer, who is performing at Caesars Palace later this month, allegedly spent large amounts of money on the photo shoot from which the billboard photos emerged.

According to TMZ, two California airports have banned the billboards on account of Carey revealing too much skin. TMZ reported:


“Mimi’s returning to Vegas later this month, and to promote the show we’re told she shelled out thousands for an inviting photo shoot”.

They went on to report that the photos, which allegedly depict Carey covered by a gold sheet, were considered too revealing by the two Californian airports, saying “We’re told even Caesars, where Mariah will be performing, wants a censored version of the billboard.”

Carey is reportedly unwilling for any alterations to be made to her advertisements, despite the apparent resistance shown by Caesars Palace, where she will be finishing a five leg residency in Las Vegas, entitled Mariah: #1 to Infinity.

Last week Fox announced that Carey would be a guest star in the newest series of American musical soap Empire. According to the CEO of Fox Television Group Dana Walden, “Mariah loves the show”, and has shared her joy towards it whenever they have met at events.