Mariah Carey names twins Monroe and Moroccan – Tabloid Hell

Singer names babies after Marilyn and apartment interior

Mariah Carey has called her new born twins Monroe and Moroccan, it has been revealed.

After giving birth to the brother and sister on April 30 in Los Angeles, Mariah has given both babies names which start with the initial deliberately M. The girl has been named after movie star Marilyn Monroe, while the boy, Moroccan, has the somewhat less glamorous honor of being named after the style of the interior design on the top tier of Mariah’s apartment in New York.

Mariah gave birth on her third wedding anniversary to the twins’ father Nick Cannon. It was in the ’Moroccan Room’ of Mariah’s house that Cannon proposed to Mariah.

Monroe doesn’t have a middle name, as Mariah doesn’t have one either, but lucky Moroccan has been given the same middle name as his father, Scott, as explained on Mariah Carey’s official website Both children will have the surname Cannon, rather than Carey.